About Us

Carin Powell is the writer and director of With The Beat, and co-founder of Signing Animation. Formerly the lead animator and fix team lead for Anamon Studios' short Let's Eat, Carin started Signing Animation with Nora Ng-Quinn as a way to combat the lack of Deaf/hard-of-hearing talent in the animation industry. Having partial hearing loss, she attended a mainstreamed elementary school with other hard-of-hearing and Deaf children. Carin learned 3D animation through her dedicated teachers, including Eric Cerda, Michal Makarewicz, Paul Naas, Matt Majers, and Peter Kelly, and her time working in the industry helped her grow into her role as a leader. She is ready to show the animation world what she's always known to be true: that native users of American Sign Language are among the best possible visual artists, and that integrated crews are stronger than those which are not.


Nora Ng-Quinn is the producer of With The Beat and co-founder of Signing Animation. Following her education in film and theater from Cornell University and in acting at the Berkeley Repertory Theater, Nora became an accomplished producer and director during her time at Scary Cow Productions. Nora has dedicated herself to bringing stories from underrepresented groups to the screen, and is likewise committed to the creation of positive workplace cultures. She believes strongly that stories must involve the populations they depict in order to be respectful and truthful, and she is passionate about establishing the playbook for all animation studios to welcome Deaf talent. 


Georgia Agbodjan is the production coordinator for With The Beat, and has been with Signing Animation since the earliest months. After her time at UC Davis studying economics, Georgia channeled her lifelong love of animation and film into a career as a video editor and digital content producer. She is dedicated to the cause of diverse storytelling with diverse crews, and joined Signing Animation to further its mission of representation. She has since learned much more about Deaf culture, gained a deeper appreciation for its diversity and nuances, and is now excited to see it brought forward in animation. Georgia has a Youtube channel, NerdLens Studios, which focuses on her experiences in independent filmmaking.


Sam Sepah is a producer and onboarding specialist for With The Beat. Educated in 3D animation, social science, and HR management at RIT, Sam went on to be an HR consultant for such high-level companies as Google, the National Institute of Health, Sprint, and IBM. His specialty is in leadership programs and talent management, and he is contributing his wealth of experience in onboarding and team integration to With The Beat. Sam is a longtime employment rights advocate, and to date is the only Deaf HR professional working in a Fortune 500 company. He is committed to nurturing Deaf talent in animation and doing his part to ensure the success of new graduates entering the film industry.


Purple Fire Crow, also known as Antoine Hunter, is a producer, choreographer, and reference actor for With The Beat. Among his many accomplishments as an artist and Deaf advocate, Antoine has performed worldwide both as a solo artist and as the founder and artistic director of the Urban Jazz Dance Company in Berkeley. Having studied dance and film at the California Academy of the Arts, Antoine has used his talents for outreach and advocacy, partnering with foundations such as DeafHope and the California Association of the Deaf, as well as local cultural centers such as the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts. He founded the Bay Area International Deaf Dance Festival in 2013, which unites Deaf talent around the globe.


Caitlin Comstock is a reference actor and head interpreter for With The Beat. Caitlin's love of American Sign Language was sparked as a child during her interactions with her Deaf friends. She was educated both in theater and in ASL interpretation, and has been a professional interpreter and small business owner for eight years. Her love of the performing arts stems from her time at the Quest Visual Theater, a world-famous integrated troupe out of Maryland. She joined Signing Animation in order to see the beauty of ASL expressed through animation, and to enable the integrated crew on With The Beat to bring a new perspective on the Deaf experience to the world.


Adam Buchbinder is the tech lead and head of finance at Signing Animation. With over two decades of experience in the tech industry and master's degrees in computer science and library science, Adam is contributing his talents in large systems management and digital pipelines to ensure a comprehensive remote working experience for the crew of With The Beat. Adam is dedicated to furthering accessibility in the tech industry, and is excited to combine his love of languages, animated movies, and elegant systems under one roof.