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Nothing About Us Without Us

Signing Animation is a non-profit animation studio which was formed to hire Deaf and hard-of-hearing talent into the film industry and to tell stories featuring Deaf culture. We recognize the longstanding disparity on both sides of the camera when it comes to Deaf representation, and we believe that accurate representation must happen in the crew first, then in the story itself. American Sign Language requires whole-body communication as well as high-level social and emotional awareness; Deaf/HoH individuals are uniquely well-suited to the field of animation, and our goal is to retain and promote Deaf/HoH talent so that the entire industry can benefit by our skills. Integrated crews are stronger, and our work is our proof.

Signing Animation was formed in January 2020 by lead 3D animator Carin Powell and experienced filmmaker Nora Ng-Quinn. Both brought with them a rock-solid commitment to diversity, positive leadership, artistic innovation, and constructive social change. They assembled a principal crew who shares their convictions and reflects the representation they strive for, and production is officially under way. Be a part of positive change by supporting us or joining our crew!

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