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  • Do I have to be Deaf/HoH/use ASL to apply?
    No, but the purpose of our non-profit is to combat those employment disparities, so we encourage applicants to consider that aspect first. If you feel your presence on production might displace a Deaf/HoH applicant, you can do your part by searching within your network for an artist who fits that description and recommending our project to them.​
  • What is your interview process?
    When we receive your application materials, we send an email back to acknowledge them, and within a week you will receive either a follow-up letter or an offer for a video interview, depending on how qualified you are for the position. At the video interview we will discuss your work history, your goals for your art and your career, and our expectations for people working on our crew before answering any questions you might have for us. If we feel that we would be a good match for each other, we will issue an offer email, followed by an intake video conference. If we determine that now is not the correct time for us to work together, you will receive feedback as to why. Interpreters are provided at every interview for users of American Sign Language.
  • What primary attributes do you sort for?
    Applicants who show respect, flexibility, and aptitude for teamwork are prioritized. ​As a studio, we are a meritocracy; wherever your education comes from or however many years of experience you have, so long as you can do the work and you have the right attitude, you are welcome on the crew.
  • ​What is your workplace culture like?
    Our first priority for the well-being of the crew is a healthy work-life balance. We encourage people to communicate early and often about their needs, and boundaries around time or other commitments are firmly respected. Understanding that our team will be a mixture of many cultures, we have established a team called 'mediation services' which is on hand to observe and mitigate workplace conflicts so that they can reach the best possible resolution before they get out of hand. Transparency and honesty are our watchwords. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding bigotry or harassment of any type. We encourage crewmembers who are unsure of whether their approach or language is appropriate to reach out to mediation services for discussion and clarification. We are committed to enriching our community in many ways beyond our production, and we encourage volunteerism and cultural exchange wherever possible.

Job Listings




  • Create appealing characters while working with the Director, Concept Artists, Designers, Riggers and Animators to balance quality and performance.

  • Model, UV and texture polygonal characters accurately from provided concept art while keeping the appeal and the essence of the concept.

  • Maintain the consistency of the art style for all characters for project assigned.

  • Communicate on all elements of the Character Modeling creation process and pipeline for project assigned.

  • Oversee and mentor other Character Modelers on the team in terms of model appeal, best topology practices, technical aspects of the proprietary tool, etc.

  • Establish character pipelines and help drive Character Modeling forward in the studio.


  • Experience building 3D content in Maya for films, games, or VFX

  • Proficiency in multiple content applications like Maya, Substance, Houdini or others

  • General knowledge of off-line rendering pipelines (VRay), and real-time engines

  • Modeling characters and props

  • Experience with rigging, skinning, blendshape deformation rigs

  • Cloth and hair simulation experience

  • Shader development, PBR texture/material workflows, lighting and material calibration

  • Experience in automated and manual asset conversion (mesh, materials, animation)

  • General knowledge of Python/PyMEL, C/C++ (preferred)

  • Self managed, self motivated, and able to rapidly learn new pipeline and procedures

  • Excellent teamwork and communication skills

  • Ability to identify and constructively communicate opportunities for visual, workflow, and efficiency improvements

  • Team player who responds positively to critique and contributes in group meetings

Materials for Submission, sent to 

  • Resume and cover letter (PDF attachment)

  • Link (and password, if applicable) to your most recent demo reel





  • Work with Creative Leads  to create rigs for characters, sets, and props.

  • Character Set-up/Rigging/Weighting/Skinning.

  • Implement Mel scripting for the use of of new tools and techniques 

  • Create and enforce hierarchy and pipeline solutions.

  • In depth knowledge of IK and FK systems is required.

  • Create and maintain intuitive control systems for optimum animation workflow, including pickers.

  • Great aesthetic eye for skin weights and believable hair dynamics is a must.

  • Lead meetings according to the film’s creative goals

  • Direct intern efforts in conjunction with the Lead 3D Modeler and lead intern critique


  • We are looking for individuals who have extensive knowledge, experience and skill sets implementing the following into a Maya production pipeline.

  • The ideal candidate should be a generalist, able to jump from challenges to solutions in short order.

  • A great "can do" attitude and open-mindedness to non-traditional solutions is essential.

  • A team player who responds positively to critique and contributes in group meetings.

  • The ability to communicate clearly, often, and appropriately with other departments, peers, leadership, and interns is crucial. 

Materials for Submission, sent to 

  • Resume and cover letter (PDF attachment)

  • Link (and password, if applicable) to your most current demo reel


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